1st Rally Trial Goes Very Well!

Cathy and Misha’s first Rally Trial on Sept 14, 2019. After a long day of waiting, all involved were pretty beat. Misha was a champ alternating between her crate, potty runs, leisurely walks, and working walks. Placed 3rd with a 97 out of 100! OH, and Misah says she likes Cheetos for a show treat, thanks Kate!

Misha the Little Ham

What you can’t see in this pictures is the tail wagging at the prospect of being the subject of pictures. She isn’t as bad as our Sheltie, Lassie. Lassie actually smiled whenever a camera was pointed at her. LOL

Misha Was Bad

Misha ate the front of the rocker runnerI think that the stress of the move and us being gone may be adding up for Misha, this morning she decided that she needed to eat one of our Victorian era replica rocking chair. 🙁