Does great with “Stay”

I told her to stay in the orchard and I would get her a treat, she sat in the corner and waited for me to go all the way up to the house, get a small pig ear and come back. Didn’t even move when Big the cat came in.
Then she stayed in the corner while I let myself into the orchard and walked over to her. Such a good dog!

Misha is 16 Weeks Old

At 16 weeks Misha she has really grown. She is now 20 inches at the shoulder (+6.5″) and 25 inches at the head (+7″) and she weighs 38.6 lbs (+21.6 pounds) since we brought her home 7 weeks ago. Wow!

Here estimated adult weight will only be about 81.6 pounds according the form.

Here is a video from to day where we were working on staying (3).

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Puppy Preschool

In tonight’s class the dogs were socialized with humans and dogs. We passed each dog around the the whole class. On the first dog we were to examine their feet, next it was teeth, next was a hug, next it was the ears and so on until we go our own puppies back. Misha was enjoying all the attention.

Ollie was sitting next to us tonight, he is a pit bull puppy that was probably the shiest of the bunch. During the evening we kept petting him and gave hims some treats. By the time they were passed around he was letting us pet him, his owner was very surprised and delighted by the end of the exercise that he had came out of his shell.

The last thing of the evening the trainer instructed us to unleash our animals and not to acknowledge them at all. We hoped that Misha, being the second largest, and probably the strongest dog there, wouldn’t kill anyone’s dog. Louie, the dog to our left, a black and white spaniel-type dog became playmates. Louie just kept coming back for more and more, tail wagging the whole time. Ollie even started to run with them. His owner was so proud that he came out of his shell. 

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Teaching 4 (Heel)

Took Misha on the Douglas Trail to work with her on heeling. A lot of tugging at first, but she seemed to get the idea. The occasional bikers that went by were a great test to keep her by us.  Definitely need to work more on this before she gains much more weight! My shoulder started to ache, so I was glad Terry took over.

Misha Playing Today

Misha had some good outside playtime today while we did some work on the chicken’s nesting boxes. This is the end of 13th week and she is up to 33 lbs!

It’s Already Been 3 Weeks


It is 12 weeks. In the 3 weeks we have had Misha she has really grown. She is now 17 inches at the shoulder (+3.5) and 22 inches at the head (+4) and she weighs 27 lbs (+10.) Wow!!

Too many chores to do so we haven’t been getting enough new pictures but we will add some more this weekend and try to get better about taking more pics. 🙂

It’s Been 2 Weeks

It is 11 weeks today. In 2 short weeks she has really grown. She is now 16 inches at the shoulder (+2.5) and 21 inches at the head (+3) and she weighs 23 lbs (+6.) Wow!1

Misha is Settling In

So before we drive down to St. Loius to pick up Misha, we met some friends for lunch. For a prior favor I helped them with, they presented me with a gift of a Russian looking hat and a gorgeous wool cape. They had no idea we we’re headed to pick up a Russian dog. I will be the best dressed Black Russian Terrier owner around!