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Stock photo of severe cataracts. http://endocrinevet.blogspot.com/2012/11/top-endocrine-publications-of-2011_9.html

Today we take Bug up to see the eye specialist. The news is not good. Bug has cataracts, which should be considered hereditary. Surgery would be nearly $3000, dog would not be showable or breedable. The doctor strongly suggests sending pup back to breeder. Without surgery, eyes will look like this. Bug will end up blind, like this photo.

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Bug Goes to the Vet

Dr. Treder at Northern Valley Animal Clinic examined Bug on Monday morning. He didn’t like the look of her eyes. The one eye had occlusions, the other, he couldn’t even see the back of the eye. He is sending us to see an eye specialist in Minneapolis.

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Day One

That was a helluva night. The pup was due in at 10:30pm, but the flight was delayed in Orlando for 3 hours. They didn’t notify the breeder, so the poor pup sat in the heat for way too long. When Terry called to check on the flight before we headed up to MSP to pick her up,they informed him that the dog will miss the last flight for animals and will have to be boarded overnight in Atlanta. He tried to explain to them that that wouldn’t work, but they said there wasn’t anything they could do. He woke me from my nap and said “be the bitch,” I woke up enough to take the phone and find out the pup would have to be boarded and I said wait a minute. I immediately sensed that this person I was talking to, Gwen was very used to talking to irate customers and was putting her “shields up.” I quickly switched off my anger and appealed to her mom side. I explained that is baby dog, all aloneĀ  Day one in her new home, Bug at 11 week old Black Russian Terrier has recovered somewhat from her trip from Florida.


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