New Puppy

Friday 10/18 we left Home at 1pm headed to Wamego KS (home of the Oz museum) to pick up a new puppy. Same breeder, but she has arranged for me to get a pup from a different person in Kansas who has a beautiful female with perfect health. My breeder is half owner of the male, along with another breeder from Colorado. The CO breeder is going to meet us in KS to do the grooming of the KS dogs as well as help me determine which pup would be the best match for our family. We stopped for dinner at a Red Robin in Kansas City where we got talking to Paul the manager. His wife’s family is from Eagan and plans on being in the area again soon. We invited him to stop by for a brew and to watch a movie. We got into Topeka at about 9pm,  and stayed at the Fairfield Inn.

The drive to Wamego was filled with anticipation. We got there about 9:30am. When we pulled up, we knew we had the right place, as we were met in the driveway by 2 very large BRTs. The didn’t look mean or angry, but Terry didn’t want to take any chances and asked me to call and let them know we were in the driveway.

We sat and chatted for about 30 minutes or so, just getting to know each other and learned about the bloodlines. The sire was still in CO, and by the sounds of it, he is really an amazing dog.

Day Two

Sunday, Natasha was acting more like a puppy. She had a firm stool and graduated to kibbles to eat.