Does great with “Stay”

I told her to stay in the orchard and I would get her a treat, she sat in the corner and waited for me to go all the way up to the house, get a small pig ear and come back. Didn’t even move when Big the cat came in.
Then she stayed in the corner while I let myself into the orchard and walked over to her. Such a good dog!

Apples are Better than Tennis Balls

Misha really enjoys our orchard for some off leash time. She can run like crazy, but her favorite activity is chasing apples like a ball that you can eat. As the summer moves into fall and the Haralson get a sweeter she enjoys them more. So far she hasn’t been too interested in eating the whole thing, but seems to enjoy them. This weekend I took some video or our play time outdoors. 



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Climb on the Grooming Table

Last night Cathy brought up a footstool from the theater to see if it was the right height for Misha’s food and water bowl. She thought that it was too tall, but Misha started to drink from it like it was no problem. And being that Misha is only 5 months, it may turn out to actually be too small. 

Then Cathy was working on Mish getting up on the footstool like a circus elephant, which of course led me to think that it would work for Misha to climb up on the grooming table. So, I set the table up. Sure enough it worked great. Here is the video.

First Day at Puppy 1

Last week we took Misha to the Leashes and Leads dog park and stopped in to talk with one of the instructors about skipping Puppy 1 or not. It was decided that we all could use the class, mostly the handlers (Cathy and I). In Puppy 1 they cover how to train the dogs (and trainers) how to get the dog to: name, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking foundations, place, leave it, eye contact, and greeting exercises while providing important socialization for your puppy.

While some of these Misha is pretty good at others we have never had her learn. Most these behaviors are foundational to showing her in the AKC Rally.

We also need to work on her focus, but then again she is not quite 5 months old yet….

Oh, during social/play time she lost 2 of her puppy teeth. 🙂

First “Full” Grooming Day

Today we were able to get a real test on the grooming table and arm. Misha got her bath and then we brought her upstairs to the grooming table. We still need to get a decent temporary stair to help her get onto the table, the plastic pet stairs are too narrow and will be too light weight for her once she gets a little heavier (she weighed in at 51 pounds last week at her Vet visit).

The blue Kong full of peanut butter and kibbles fresh out of the freezer kept her distracted for the whole drying and brushing time. Now we need to figure out a way for her to work at it while keeping both our hands free. Maybe as she gets more used to the table we won’t need it. LOL

Misha Stays

We have been working with Misha a little more in the last few weeks. Today I was concentrating on her staying. I had her “3” (stay), tossed some treats on the floor, and then left the room twice before releasing her. She was amazing, she didn’t even lean toward the treats. Then I decided to catch a little video of her showing her patience.

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