Guess who turned One today?

Guess who turned One today? Happy Birthday Dear Misha! Well, technically it was yesterday and I didn’t get it posted until today.

The plan was to go to the dog park but by the time we all got off work it was raining. So, we went to the local pet store for a weigh in and some socialization…. oh, and a birthday present or two. LOL Misha weighed in at 87 pounds, pretty much the same as a month and a half ago. 

The birthday “cake” is a can of soft dog food. Misha patiently waited for Cathy to light the candle and take the picture even with the amazing smell of the “cake” (Misha’s words not mine). Cathy made the mistake of saying “OK” once the picture was taken, that is Misha’s release word. Quick hands stopped Misha from eating the “cake” candle and all. Once the candle was safely out and removed Misha attacked the “cake” with the gusto of any 1 year old! It took less than 10 seconds before all that was left was being licked from her mustache. 🙂

Each time we take her out it takes her less and less time to settle down. She met some new people and new dogs. I think that the new “kettle bell” ball will be fun for her out in the yard, no rope for her to chew through.