First Day at Puppy 1

Last week we took Misha to the Leashes and Leads dog park and stopped in to talk with one of the instructors about skipping Puppy 1 or not. It was decided that we all could use the class, mostly the handlers (Cathy and I). In Puppy 1 they cover how to train the dogs (and trainers) how to get the dog to: name, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking foundations, place, leave it, eye contact, and greeting exercises while providing important socialization for your puppy.

While some of these Misha is pretty good at others we have never had her learn. Most these behaviors are foundational to showing her in the AKC Rally.

We also need to work on her focus, but then again she is not quite 5 months old yet….

Oh, during social/play time she lost 2 of her puppy teeth. 🙂